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Reverse Flow Smoker Carolina Sunshine Smokers

Some smokers are good, and some are “purdy”…  THIS ONE IS BOTH!!  If this is the kind of rig that might interest you, we can build it … and we can build it for quite a bit less than many you see.  This one happens to be set up with a firebox that can be used as a grill for finishing those ribs and that chicken right over the coals. (You can even steam oysters on the top of it.)  

Smoker with custom paint job and lots of storage

The main tank of this one is a “reverse flow” design (optional), which makes for extremely even temperatures from one end to the other.  The smoker has removable upper and lower racks (standard) and twin doors that open the full length of the tank without obstruction.  Also there is a wrap-around work surface for your tools of the trade.  And look at that huge storage basket for ice chests, charcoal, wood or whatever you need (standard).  This one has an optional (and lovely even if I say so myself) paint scheme and optional lockable storage box.  I am also working on a water injection system into the tank….you won’t see many of those!  We can actually make smaller units with or without trailers in direct or this reverse flow…. it’s up to you

If this interests you, drop us a line on our contact page.

Smoker built to your specificationsAdvantages of Carolina Sunshine Custom Built Smoker

  • Built to your specifications
  • Affordable
  • Removable upper and lower racks
  • Twin doors that open full length without obstruction
  • Wrap around work surface
  • Huge storage basket for ice chests, charcoal, or whatever else you need

Options for Carolina Sunshine Custom Built Smoker

  • Lockable storage box
  • Custom Paint Job
  • Reverse Flow Design
  • Coming soon! Water injection system for the tank

Contact us to find out more about the Carolina Sunshine Smoker.

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