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Recipes from Carolina Sunshine BBQ          ---You can help!Order Carolina Sunshine Bar-B-Que Sauce Eastern North Carolina Style promoted by Saucy Suzy

We are small ….but with HIGH HOPES and good products!  I am proud to say we have developed many loyal customers.  Our mission remains very simply to win over one barbeque lover at a time. ™

Right now you can find us in these fine stores:

At this point in time you won't see us in the large grocery chains but we can be found in a growing number of specialty meat markets. We are adding more all the time but right now our concern is not to be big. We want to be good. Also you may see us at craft shows and we are shipping routinely to 26 states and 6 countries through online sales! We are already an "award winning" presence at BBQ events and cook offs. Team Carolina Sunshine has big plans!

If your favorite market doesn't carry Carolina Sunshine yet, ask them "why not?" Our territory is growing so have them contact us! Here, give them my Card!

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